Friday, July 27, 2012

laptop socket replacement
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Surrey Computer Exchange

Repairs are Our Specialty!

Surrey Computer Exchange takes pride in our computer technicians. If they can't fix it, it can't be fixed. We can repair Intel and AMD based laptops and computers as well as installing upgrades. We also do Sky + SKY HD hard disk upgrades. our speciality is Laptop Computer Repairs.

While our technicians can also do certain laptop repairs and PC repairs to Apple Mac machines, it is always best to call surrey computer exchange first. If we are not equipped to deal with your particular situation we'll save you a trip. We take pride in our computer repair services and aren't afraid to refer you to an Apple specialist if we need to. We want you to get the very best service possible!
(even if we are unable to provide this for you)

If you have problems with your PS3 or Xbox 360, Drive faults, Red Lights, Power Faults, bring it in and we'll make it good as new. We'll tell you how long it will take and give you an accurate estimate before you make the decision to leave it with us.

Things We Do Not Repair

Before you ask, we do not repair printers, car radios, televisions, small kitchen appliances or Christmas tree lights. And yes, someone actually brought us all these items to fix once!

Do You Have a Computer or Laptop to Sell?

Surrey Computer Exchange will buy your used PC or laptop computer whether it works or not if it's less than five years old. We prefer the outside to be in good condition. All our personal computers and laptops computers come with a 6 months' warranty on parts and labour.

If your computer is beyond repair we can recycle it for you. We dismantle it and salvage the components that are in working condition. Hard drives are wiped and electronically sanitized to erase every byte of personal information. Then the hard drives and working components are donated to charities and schools. Your non-working computer can do a lot of good for a lot of deserving people!

Web Design, too!

Whether you have a personal website or one for e-commerce, you want traffic. We can design your website to utilize search engines to your best advantage and drive targeted traffic to you instead of your competitors. If you need a logo our creative talent will work with you to design a descriptive, eye-catching logo that is unforgettable. We also design brochures and specialize in animation. We can upgrade your existing site or create a brand new one for you.
You can have the best looking website in the world but if this is not optimized correctly it will not be found on todays searh engines.
We are proud of the creative talent in our design department and are sure you'll be pleased at what we can do for your website.

Five Star Service

At Surrey Computer Exchange we take pride in the quality of our service. This means that if you aren't happy, our job is not done! If you don't know what is wrong with your laptop computer or desktop computer our technicians will diagnose it quickly—you won't have to wait days to find out what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. Your time is important to you and we understand that. In fact, you can drop off your computer on a Friday and have it back by Monday so that you don't lose any of your valuable work time.
In many cases you can drop off your desktop computer or laptop computer in the morning and collect it the same evening.
We can test the entire computer or individual components. Many people don't need a costly repair, just a replacement of minor and inexpensive components. (NO FIX NO FEE)

If you're really pressed for time we offer A pick up service for your laptop or desktop computer and will deliver it back to your home or office when it is fixed for a small fee. No job is too big or too small for Surrey Computer Exchange. We work with all sizes of budgets and are used to working with tight deadlines.

Surrey Computer Exchange operates in the Surrey/Sussex and metropolitan London area. Our main shop is next door to Feathers Pub in Merstham high street. Same day service is often possible for those that can drop off there
repairs before 12pm. Please call for details.

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